Making a Change in this Community, One Stage????? at a Time.

We approach each persons individual situation with three essential elements: providing safety, offering help, and  ???????

Creating Options for Women of Domestic Abuse


How it began:  While I was working at a shelter, I housed a woman that was going through suspected meth psychosis.  She was someone who fell through the cracks of the system and was so vulnerable.  I let her stay at the shelter a few days longer than “policy” permitted. It was incredible how the agency came down on me.  I resigned respectfully and decided that how women were being treated was simply unacceptable.  I bought a hotel a few months later and plan to buy many more.  I plan to convert them to safe houses for women and their children.  Never to be confused with a traditional shelter but more of a sanctuary where healing is promoted.  I want to help build extremely supportive and strong communities.  

helping hands

Thanks for your interest in our Project. Please reach out to us for more information.